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Bed linen

Grandma and Grandpa have really horrible and almost fresh bed linens. But it sticks to the teeth of nails and does not believe in new fashion materials or patterns. They say they are too modern, wild and poor.
Bed linen

How to go to them if not from the woods? You just have to prove to them that they are not right that even today's goods, if quality, can replace their traditional bed bedding.
Don't get caught

Don't take everything that's right at hand. Choose not only eyes, hands, but for Grandma and grandfather also the heart. Material some one they know. Damascus? Flannel or cotton? Patterns of wild, oriental, prints immediately omit. Some bed linens with feathers, angels, delicate floral motifs, perhaps with a vengeance, are really nice and they might like them. They'll fall asleep once and they'll be happy for the second time. Let us not resist changes and progress. That's just true for everyone.