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Understanding How Eyelash Tinting has Affected the Beauty World

In the beauty and wellness, world eyelash tinting is the new trend. Eyelash tinting is a pain-free procedure, requires low maintenance and simple which makes it popular. It is ideal for individuals who do not have the time to spend doing their make up in the morning or those leading busy lives. Athletes, dancers and personal trainers who use eyelash tinting do not need to worry about smudges, touch up or smears because the tint is not removed by the sweat.

If your natural eyelashes grow and replace the tinted eyelashes only then can you do a touch up otherwise the eyelash tint normally lasts between three to six weeks. There is no need to add false extensions as this will damage your eyelashes. You may damage or break your natural eyelashes if you add false extensions because they increase more stress and weight on your normal eyelashes.

By tinting your eyelashes, you make your eyes vibrant your create more contrast with your normal eye color from the dark lashes that frame them. When you get an eyelash tint, you achieve a natural look the same that is achieved by the uncomfortable fake lashes and peeling mascara. Even if you don’t put any makeup with an eyelash tint you still look put together.

You don’t need mascara to darken tinted eyelashes which means you can forget buying mascara every month. Here you will save money and time and also reduce any waste on the environment. The eye lashing process is painless, quick and affordable. Normally it takes between 10 to 20 minutes, and there is no invasion, but clients say it is relaxing.
Black, brown, medium brown, light brown, blue-black and aubergine are the eyelash colors that are available in the market.

When you are finally at the eyelash tinting appointment, the esthetician will request you to lie down so that they can be able to remove any excess dirt or makeup from your eyes. After they are done, a protective balm will be applied around your eyes like coconut oil or petroleum jelly so that the tinting formula does not touch your skin. After that, the tint is applied to your eyelashes with a special application and allowed to sit for 5 to 10 minutes. The tinting formula is then removed from your eyelashes by the esthetician using soothing strokes, and that’s it the procedure is done. After the procedure is completed, you are free to continue with your normal life but if you want the tint to last a bit longer avoid tugging or rubbing the eyelashes.

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