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Optimizing Your site

The topic of the call became the SEO administration, which was not exactly his scope, so he decided to evaporate the English-when no one noticed him. He floated through the parlour and tried to get lost in the main hall between bodies, clothes and tuxedo–unfortunately, a lot of people knew him, so he didn't get so good to merge with the crowd as he hoped he could. A lot of people had stopped him, his face was known as the name, not only in their departments.
Even the whole floor knew who he was. So before he got to the bar, where he finally ordered some alcohol, he had to talk to more than twenty people around the parquet, in the main hall, and about two parlour. His head was sincere, and the party to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the company was just beginning. I guess he was supposed to stick to the plan of other copywriters and not to come today.