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We will do our utmost to know about ice cream

Attractive offer of dozens of types of ice cream

An attractive offer of dozens of ice creams and imaginous combinations of flavors from quality ingredients in kind. In this gastronomy we specialize in getting it to the level of the country of origin, where the frozen delicacy is a real delight.
Ice cream

In our assortment we have also a proven selection of creamy ice cream on cream and dairy basis, sprinkled and shed with natural fruits and syrups. Fruit sorbets refreshing and very popular, interlaced with fresh selected fruit and suitable for children's menu.
Valuable products

We have a high level of ice cream for our professional production. We do not forget about the standard species to combine into cups and desserts of home preparation, the demanded are luxurious enriched with special herbs and spices. We can offer a price.