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Workers have the right to know and know

The employee receives the task that he performs. As he fills it, he must also know his supervisor. The supervisor saves the task to the child, and it must also track whether the task is filled. When performing a task, employees must be alerted to performance in both possible cases. The first option is performance low and also incompatible with the company's goals. But the second option says about the communication, when the employee's performance is acceptable to the company. The employee must know about both options. He must know the supervisor's opinion on his performance.
You get higher performance for your employees
Evaluating workers is a very important tool for every superior. Boosts and enhances performance. If you manage this tool in the position of a supervisor with an overview, then your subproceedings are satisfied with your work. And why? Because they know what they're doing well and what's wrong. Thanks to this tool they know what they can improve and how they can improve it. Last but not least, they also need to know how their work is appreciated by the company for which they serve their performances. Without this tool, the company does not even work well.